pure encapsulations®

What is Pure Patient Direct?

Pure Patient Direct is our new, virtual dispensary that provides our patients direct access to the pure encapsulations® supplements that Dr Piergallini has recommended for you.

Now you can easily and confidently order the exact supplements you need, supported by the expertise of your healthcare practitioner.

Easily set up your account to order your recommended products using your healthcare practitioner’s unique code. All orders are fulfilled directly by pure encapsulations® and sent right to your door with fast and FREE shipping PLUS a 10% discount.  Please call 570-748-7400 to receive an email link, or use the links below with our code to set up our account.

Pleasant Valley Family Medicine CODE:  589656

If you have an account and our CODE, you can directly sign or register a new account here:

Pure Encapsulations Registration and Login (https://patientdirect.pureencapsulationspro.com/login)

Learn directly about the program on the Pure Encapsulations website:

 Daily Nutritional Supplements | Pure Encapsulations (https://patientdirect.pureencapsulationspro.com/.)